Commercial Construction Loans

Commercial construction loans are construction loans to finance new or existing projects such as apartment buildings, mixed use buildings, self-storage facilities, retail office buildings, warehouses, light industrial properties, special purpose or unique properties, hotels, motels, restaurants and multi-family housing.   We will consider all types of projects based on information provided.


We specialize in private money loans in California and can provide commercial construction loans which are custom tailored for our specific borrowers, whether it’s owner occupied or for investment purposes.

We offer commercial construction loans for the substantial rehabilitation of commercial properties. 


Due to the specialty nature of commercial construction loans, the proposal for the loan request should be very specific and clearly define the objectives and plans of the project.  We will look to the executive summary detailing the project, its necessity, location and the strengths that will make it a profitable venture.  It will be necessary for us to see the resume of the principals involved and the contractor who has been awarded the construction of the project.  The resumes must also include a list of all successfully completed projects.  Also to be included will be the income and profits and a complete cost breakdown and time frame for completion of construction.  The summary for the project should be able to demonstrate an exit plan.


We will consider commercial construction loan projects in locations throughout California.  We have the resources, relationships and skills needed to complete your transaction quickly.  Because we have private money, we can cut through much of the red tape typically required for commercial construction loans.



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