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Jumbo Renovation/Rehab Loans for San Francisco Bay Area properties.

Do you own an existing property that needs a major remodel? Have you found a great investment property that needs to be completely rehabbed?
Sunrise Lending Group offers a unique renovation loan program for investment properties in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California.
Most California renovation loan programs only go to a loan amount to 400k. There is a huge market for high end luxury market remodeling loans.
For an example, look at San Francisco properties with an average sales price of over $900,000. Therefore, all the rehab or renovation loan programs are pretty much eliminated in the San Francisco market.

The question then becomes how does the investor get a jumbo renovation loan in California?
First, the following are a few questions to determine if your loan request is feasible at this time:

– How much money can I bring to the table?
– Have I successfully rehabbed/renovated before?
– What is my exit strategy?
– What is the fire sale value of the property when finished?
– Is my budget realistic?
– Am I putting the right finishes on the property?
– Do I have any other property that I can cross collateral on my first deal?
– Is my property in a highly desirable area?

As an investor In the luxury market there is a much greater risk factor compared to rehabbing entry level homes. However, if properly planned with the help of , the rewards are enormous.

We have put together an excellent team at Sunrise Lending Group and would be happy to help you structure your next investment. Whether you are in need of an acquisition loan or if you already own the property – we are here to help. We also specialize in construction completion loans, bridge loans, and large renovations loans.

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Beau Eckstein has a diverse real estate background with over thirteen years of real estate experience. This includes real estate sales, residential mortgage lending, construction financing, and private money loans. Beau utilizes his vast knowledge and great people skills to help investors, brokers, contractors, and owner /builders create successful projects.

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