Private Money Second Mortgage Construction Loans


 Mortgage construction loans are available in the San Francisco Bay Area
through Sunrise Lending Group.

We offer hard money second loans for construction projects
for properties with sufficient equity. You may want to keep your first mortgage
in place because of a favorable interest rate or because it provides for a
prepayment penalty.

A hard money second construction loan, also referred to as a
private money 2nd  loan, is easy to obtain because the loan
is approved primarily on the equity in the property.

A hard money second
could be the financial support you require to actualize dreams. With
easy access, convenient requirements, rapid processing and flexible
requirements hard money 2nd
are worth considering when you are in financial need and need a quick
solution.  Use the power of private money to your advantage with a private money second mortgage. The
private money world is more likely to understand what really goes into a construction
project than the mainstream banking world. Our private money investors are
prepared to look at scenarios and work with you if your project has merit.  Our private
money fund
has specialized in construction lending for the past 18 years and this enables
us to put together unique deals.

We specialize in jumbo renovation/construction loans and are
well known for our bridge loans as well as ground up construction.

Private Money Second Mortgage Construction Loans


About Beau Eckstein

Beau Eckstein has a diverse real estate background with over thirteen years of real estate experience. This includes real estate sales, residential mortgage lending, construction financing, and private money loans. Beau utilizes his vast knowledge and great people skills to help investors, brokers, contractors, and owner /builders create successful projects.

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