Private Money Second Mortgage Construction Loans

   Mortgage construction loans are available in the San Francisco Bay Area through Sunrise Lending Group. We offer hard money second loans for construction projects for properties with sufficient equity. You may want to keep your first mortgage in place because of a favorable interest rate or because it provides for a prepayment penalty. A hard money second construction loan, also referred to as a private money 2nd  loan, is easy to obtain because the loan is approved … [Read more...]

The following are the most common types of Hard Money Loans that are offered in the San Francisco Bay Area:

The following are the most common types of Hard Money Loans that are offered in the San Francisco Bay Area: • Rehab or Renovation Loan - In most cases, a rehab loan can be used to make improvements on the property and also to purchase the property. This may allow the purchaser the ability to get a loan for more than the current value of the structure. With Hard Money Loans the lender usually would like to see at least 30% of the acquisition price being put down on a purchase. • Bridge Loan- … [Read more...]

Construction Loan Pro

Providing Construction Loans, Major Remodel Loans, and Private Money in the San Francisco Bay Area and Throughout California Area For Over 18 Years. Sunrise Lending Group was founded with a simple goal, "Make loans that make sense." With over 40 years of combined experience in construction lending, real estate sales and appraisal - we are confident in what we do and how we do it. Our private money construction loans are based on the equity in the property and not necessarily on the credit … [Read more...]

What is a Rehab Loan

Rehab loans or what some would call Renovation Loans have been around forever. TV shows like Flip this House and numerous other TV programs have recently made these types of loans more common to the average Joe and have more people asking "What is a Rehab Loan?" Most conventional lenders will not finance on property that needs a substantial amount of work. Rehab loans have filled some of the needs especially to investor type buyers with numerous bank-owned and distressed properties flooding … [Read more...]